UCL Université catholique de Louvain (UCL-Bruxelles)
Louvain Drug Research Institute (Département of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Pharmacologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire / Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
& Centre de Pharmacie Clinique / Center for Clinical Pharmacy

How to send samples and documents to the Unit ?

We have had quite bad experiences with documents or samples sent to the Unit because of insufficient addressing resulting in inappropriate handling by carriers.

Please, follow he instructions shown hereunder for safe delivery:

Name of the recipient : <The name of the person you are sending documents or samples to ...> If you need to check the name, click here
Institution (Company) : Université catholique de Louvain (in Brussels) <-- important !
Department (Institute) : Louvain Drug Research Institute (formerly: Ecole de Pharmacie)
Laboratory (Research group) : Pharmacologie cellulaire et moléculaire
Street address : avenue E. Mounier 73 - Mail box: B1.73.05 (formerly: 73.70)
Building / Floor : Bâtiment Van Helmont (73) - 1er étage
City : Bruxelles (Brussels) <-- important !
Postal code (ZIP) : B-1200
telephone : 02-764.73.70 (see note)
- instruct the carrier not to delay delivery in case there is no asnwer, since we have no permanent staff available on the phone;
- the laboratory is open for delivery from 8 am through 6:30 pm and there will be always be someone to sign receipts and so on....
web : http://www.facm.ucl.ac.be
Access maps : General and local maps (will open a new tab) -- Google map (will open a new tab)
Customs information : Mark all sendings as "Documents" or "Samples with no commercial value" whenever possible.

In case direct contact with the recipient is needed, you and/or the carrier can find her/his e-mail address and telephone no. by clicking here, but remember that most deliveries do not require previous contact since the laboratory is open for delivery all the day long.

Why do we ask not to translate or change the items in bold ?

Note: for telephone and fax numbers, what is shown is for someone dialing from Belgium, which is most often the case for the carrier. So, please, us those numbers.
(if you need to call or fax us from outside Belgium, 02 must be replaced by your international access code [011, 00 , ...] followed by 32-2 [thus, for example, 011-32-2-764.73.73 for our fax no. when dialing from the United States or Canada...]).