What is ISAP ?

(a short description of the International Society of Antiinfective Pharmacology)

Fourth Annual Conference of Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy, May 3d,  2001, Orlando, Fla.

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Table of Contents

What is ISAP ?

Why did ISAP started ?

How did it start ?

The story of ISAP…

ISAP scientific activities … 

ISAP in action in science and clinics

ISAP in action with the Regulatory

ISAP in action for scientific meetings

ISAP in action in education

Who is ISAP (in 2001) ?

Author: Paul M. Tulkens 

Email: tulkens@facm.ucl.ac.be

Home Page: http://www.md.ucl.ac.be/facm/facm-conferences.htm

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