Beta-lactams: from pharmacodynamics to
applications in the real world..

Belgian Intensive Care Study Group, Cambridge, UK, September 11 h, 2 001

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Antibiotic treatment: Wat does the clinician want ?

The ideal antibiotic ...

Is the molecule always ideal ?

Main causes of antibiotic failures... Adapted from Pechère J.C., 1988, 1993, 1998




What did the textbooks say about antibiotic dosages and schedules in the 70’s ?

Les méthodes statiques sont (souvent) inadaptées pour définir les conditions de sensibilité in vivo

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Type de “propriétés PK/PD” des antibiotiques

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Dissocier les co-variables pharmacocinétiques

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Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics in action ... 

How long do you need to remain above the MIC ?

Typical pharmacokinetics of a model ?-lactam *

Applying this to piperacillin q8h

A conflict of breakpoints? 

comparing piperacillin and ceftazidime

Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics in action ... 

Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics in action ... 

Augmenter la dose unitaire ...

Augmenter la fréquence d’administration ...

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Reducing ? - lactams interval: where can we go ? 

? - lactams by continuous infusion

Continu-infuus van ? - lactamen in intensieve zorgen: een amerikaanse studie…(3 g/dag)

Continuous infusion: a bunch of other studies...

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Ceftazidime concentrations variations in ICU patients

Pharmacockinetics / Pharmacodynamics of anti-infectives

Farmacokinetiek / Farmacodynamie van antiinfectieusen

and Thank you also to AstraZeneca… and Cambridge...

Author: Paul M. Tulkens 


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