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The first industrial patent (known in Europe) was awarded in 1421 in Florence to the Engineer Filippo Brunelleschi, who obtained it for an invention related to the handling of merchandises intended for boat transport ...

Brunelleschi was also painter, goldsmith, and architect of the Florentine school. He built the world-known "Dome of Florence" (Duomo dalla Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore). The sculpture shown above represents him while raising eyes to his work...


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  1. Marchand J, Tulkens PM, Goormaghtigh E, De Coninck J, Joris B, Carryn S
    Vancomycin analysis
    Patent no. EP 2 490 029 A1 (European); Application no. 11154652.9; Date of publication:22-08-2012 Bulletin 2012/34
    Patent number WO2012/110593A1 Application number: PCT/EP2012/052674
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  2. Poupaert J, Prevost M., Vandevuer S, Van Bambeke F, Colacino E, Tytgat I, Tulkens PM.
    Inibitors of D-Ala-D-Ala-ligase as antibacterial agents.
    Patent number: WO2009080788 (A2); classification: international: C07D263/56; C07D263/00; european: C07D263/56
    Application number: WO2008EP68100 20081219; Priority number(s): EP20070150355 20071221 - International publication date: 2-07-2009
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  3. Brans A, Joris B, Delmarcelle M, Marchand J, Tulkens P, Hamaaecher C, Goormaghtigh E, De Coninck J
    Method for measuring beta-lactam antibiotics
    Patent number WO2013/053953 (A1) - Date of publication: 18 avril 2013.
    Cclassification: international: GOIN 33194 (2006.01) C12N 9186 (2006.01)
    Priority Data: PCT/EP2012/070434 15 October 2012 (l5.l0.20l2) and 14 October 2011 (14.I0.2011) EP
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